5 reasons why i 'LOVE' facebook

1. Friends that you barely know will invite you to go to their family’s events that probably hundred miles away from where you stay. People just invite everyone to everything.

Bro, you should come to my home this coming Monday. My mother has organized my birthday party and asked me to invite all my friends in facebook. Though we haven’t met before, I believe we can be best friends. By the way I stayed in Langkawi and it’s just 235 kilometers from where you are staying (hehe I noticed from your profile that you stayed in Puchong).

2. There are lots of considerate friends that will tell you what stages or levels they are now on their favorite games.

You should join Maria Mariana’s tribe on Boyfriend War. She has just killed another boyfriend by throwing her favorite stilettos to her boyfriend’s left kidney. She is now at her personal best, Level 2.

3. Sensitive friends with lots of empathy will help you to tag pictures of you doing almost anything. It feels good when my ex-girlfriends or bosses can see me stumbled over the edge of the carpet or had mayonnaise all over my favorite shirts at my work place. It feels really good. Thanks friends.

4. Very caring friends will also tag you on the pictures that have got nothing to do with you.

Hi love, I tagged this picture because the alligator really reminds me of you. Yours, Maya Karin

5. There are also very friendly friends that will follow you around facebook. You can always count on them on giving valuable comments on everything that you do. You should count yourself lucky to have them in your life.

OMG You are so funny man. Has anyone ever told you that? By the way, I totally agreed with what you just said. I believe you have done a lot of research and soul finding before you said those words. Bravo. You are the man.

And I have not touch about quizzes in facebook yet. They have lots of informative quizzes. One very good example, What kind of camel are you? Love it.

7 otak kusut masai serabai:

Carlitos berkata...

This is just a big LOL stuff.

LORD ZARA 札拉 berkata...



That's what I always faced and I will never ever say yes to all the nonsense games, invitation etc..

When those fellas become annoying, I'll remove them.

lumut berkata...

miss u dude..
aku doakan kau berada dibawah rahmatNya....jage diri..

aku ckp jage diri and i really mean it.ok?

udin berkata...

haha bro aku tau ko pun selalu main farmvile kat fb..
such a nonsense game...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

aku gelak guling² baca neh.
siot jek penyataan siap ngan contoh cam harrram...
kah kah kah~~~

Tanpa Nama berkata...

how are you?

Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?


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