#117 a 'must' questions to ask youself! mirror reflection!

What’s the point of being here when we are not even here?

What’s the point of being commited when freedom is all we need?

What’s the point of love when all we do is hurt?

What’s the point of making a promises when all we do is to break it?

Why do we expect a perfection when we are not even close to one?

Why can’t we just live as what we have and stop complaining?

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5 otak kusut masai serabai:

Ieeko. berkata...

Eh amek award please ^^

Ieeko. berkata...

Sobs sobs, true T__T

LORD ZARA 札拉 berkata...

Orang takkan pernah puas dengan apa yang dia ada~

well, itu fakta kan?

macam entri terbaru aku~

Sesumpah berkata...

why n what??


seroja jingga berkata...

stop asking..the more we ask..we will never get the answer.


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